Patient Success Stories

It is challenging to begin the infertility testing and treatment process. The journey to conceive can be highly emotional and you may find it difficult to know who to trust.

Here at Coastal Fertility Specialists, we are very proud of the high level of patient care we provide and we are honored to share in this miraculous time in our patients' lives. Below you will find video and written testimonials from some of our fertility center patients who have sought infertility treatment with us here at our Charleston fertility clinic and other South Carolina locations. 

Get started on your path to parenthood here at CFS.

The Alphonse Family

"We had been dealing with infertility and hoping to start a family for many years. I was under the care of Dr. Schnorr and his team for a year and a half attempting In Vitro Fertilization..."

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The Brashier Family

"In 2004 our dreams of becoming parents seemed so far out of reach. After having many tests and procedures we were told that we may not be able to have biological children..."

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The Dubois Family

"We couldn't be happier, obviously this is something we've wanted for a very long time!"

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The Gibson Family

"It's not easy emotionally but I would say with this office they just make you feel at's really like one big happy family."

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The Hanle Family

"Our life is complete and blessed with a little one because of their [Coastal's] knowledge, dedication and compassion."

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The Heard Family

"You have to be hopeful and you have to be persistent and you will get pregnant!"

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The Hughes Family

"We really appreciate the service and our doctor and nurse for their outstanding care, professionalism, compassion and SUCCESS they have given us during our time with Coastal Fertility. I have never been more pleased with any care I have ever received."

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The Leahy Family

"She's just a miracle baby. Just persevere and have a lot of will happen!"

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The Marts Family

"I'm a doctor and I would say Dr. Schnorr is among the top three doctors I've ever worked with. He is outstanding."

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The Mills Family

When we decided to start our family, I never imagined we would have any problem getting pregnant.

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The Pollock Family

"Our experiences with Dr. Schnorr and Dr. Slowey have been first class."

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The Powers Family

"The entire team made the unknown easier to face and found hope when we could not find my own. They were with us every step of the way."

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The Rieling Family

"They made it we were part of their family right when we walked in."

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The Rogers Family

"Dr. Slowey encouraged us to keep going and not to give up because it was a very emotional journey...but he's part of the reason we kept going...Don't ever give up!"

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The Russell Family

"At age 48, my husband and I still had the hope, desire and vision of having a child. After my annual appointment with my gynecologist, he suggested me entertaining the idea of an egg donor..."

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The Shuler Family

"During a very emotionally-charged and difficult time of infertility, Dr. Schnorr and his team were there for us..."

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The Sidebottom Family

"After going through a year, year and a half, without being able to conceive, it gave us hope that we'd be able to have children."

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The Williams Family

"I am 38 weeks pregnant with a baby boy, and could not be more proud of and thankful for Dr. Slowey and his wonderful staff at Coastal Fertility Specialists."

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The Williams #2 Family

"Mr. Aiden, he is the joy of our world! Definitely a busy body and keeps us on our toes!"

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