Could You be Suffering from “Secondary Infertility”?

Posted: 5/4/2015 by Coastal Fertility Specialists

What is secondary infertility?
Deciding to try for a brother or sister to your first child is an exciting step. If conceiving your first child was straightforward, it can come as a shock when you run into difficulty getting pregnant the second time around. When you have trouble conceiving again, it’s called “secondary infertility”.

When yet another period comes along, you may start to feel dispirited and confused. Secondary infertility is particularly hard to cope with if all your friends seem to be pregnant with their second babies.

Be reassured that you are not alone. About one in seven couples encounter infertility, and secondary infertility is actually more common than not being able to conceive at all in the first place. Unsurprisingly, it’s more likely to affect older women, as fertility rates fall as we age.

A big step towards coping with secondary infertility is deciding when you should ask for help. Fertility specialists are there to offer advice, so don’t be embarrassed about consulting them. More couples are seeking help with infertility than in previous years, although there will always be some who chose not to despite their yearning to have another baby.

When do we need to go to our doctor?
You may be keen to have a specific age gap between your children. So ask yourself whether you really need to start worrying yet. Remember, it takes time to conceive.

Even if you are making love every two days to three days during your cycle, it’s common to wait up to a year to become pregnant. For eight percent of couples it may take up to two years.

If you and your partner have been making love regularly for a year without using contraception and you’re still not pregnant, see your GP. Infertility is a worry for both of you, so do go as a couple.

If you’re an older couple or have a condition that’s affecting your health, early diagnosis and treatment of secondary infertility is especially important. In that case, you may want to see your GP sooner, rather than later.

How can our doctor help us?
Your GP may carry out some initial tests or may refer you to a fertility specialist straight away. You can have tests to check that:

  • you are producing eggs
  • your partner is making enough sperm
  • your partner’s sperm are strong and healthy enough to make the long journey to meet your eggs

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