Pregnant Over 40?

Posted: 10/4/2014 by Coastal Fertility Specialists
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From big screen bombshells to the sexiest superstars, a slew of celebrities have given birth to children well into their forties. Mira Sorvino gave birth to her last child when she was 44. Kelly Preston was 48 when she and John Travolta, who was 56, welcomed their son Benjamin. Mariah Carey was blessed with totally cute twins when she was 42, and Madonna gave birth to her last child, Rocco Ritchie, at the same age. And although the chance of getting pregnant naturally falls below 1%, and a women’s eggs continue to deteriorate with age, none of these starlets have admitted the use of donor eggs.

Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross also got pregnant with twins Eden and Savannah when she was 44, and is the only one to come out with the full story of using donor eggs. Elton John, was also open about using donor eggs (but that was a bit obvious)!

How many people do you know have used donor eggs? The answer is more than you think. With an outdated stigma still lingering over the use of donor eggs, many couples do not talk openly about their need to use them. But move over stigma, egg donors are now front and center in fertility discussions. With the technology to now freeze eggs, the Donor Egg Bank can give you the opportunity to find a donor who matches you in appearance, interests and talents. Check out for more information or our national partner