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  • National Infertility Awareness Week: Honoring Those Suffering With Infertility

    Coastal Fertility Specialists honors our infertility patients during National Infertility Awareness Week 2019. In this month’s blog, we focus on the debilitating disease called infertility and all those who are affected by it.

  • Personhood Bill Defeated…..for the Moment

    The spring 2018 Senate session of our state Legislature ended without this year’s version of the Personhood Bill coming to a vote in the full Senate. But it was a battle. And the battle is not over. Nor will it likely be anytime soon.

  • Are Male Sperm Counts Declining Over Time?

    According to studies done over the past few decades, it appears sperm counts for men all around the world are declining at an alarming rate. Researchers and physicians are trying to pinpoint the exact causes, which may come down to chemicals in our environment. In this month’s blog, Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. John Schnorr gives us an inside look at what might be going on.

  • Why do Chromosomally Normal Embryos Not Implant in the Uterus?

    Many couples who struggle with infertility are often frustrated and confused when a seemingly perfect embryo refuses to implant. In this month’s blog, Dr. Michael Slowey explains why this happens and what fertility experts are doing to increase the odds of success.

  • Are All Labs Created Equal?

    In the world of infertility, the smallest details matter, especially when it comes to the Embryology lab. Coastal Fertility Specialists knows this first hand and therefore has created one of the best labs in the nation. This month Dr. John Schnorr gives patients an inside look at what sets Coastal’s lab apart from others.

  • Fertility Drugs and Cancer: Is There a Link?

    Women receiving fertility treatment often wonder if the medications used to help make eggs increase the risk of long-term disorders like breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and ovarian cancer. Coastal Fertility Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Heather Cook has the answer.

  • Secrets to a Successful Lab

    One of the most important parts of your fertility treatment takes place in the embryology lab. At Coastal Fertility, our lab is not only state-of-the-art, we also have Harvard-trained embryologists, and have won awards for our for excellence in egg freezing. Today our Laboratory Director Thomas O’Leary, Ph.D, HCLD gives you an inside look at what it takes to run such an exceptional lab.

  • The Stress of Infertility: Treating Patients with Compassion

    It is widely recognized that couples undergoing fertility treatment not only endure the physical aspect of the treatments, but also face emotional, social, and financial struggles as well.

  • General Health and Its Effects on Infertility in Women

    At Coastal Fertility, our job isn’t just to look at the endocrine and reproductive systems of a woman, we must also take into consideration her overall health. In the forthcoming blog, Reproductive Endocrinologist at Coastal Fertility, Dr. Michael Slowey, discusses some medical issues which may have major repercussions for a woman and her unborn child.

  • Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?

    Couples experiencing infertility often ask the question “why us?”. There are many reasons and it’s not always the woman’s “fault” as many often speculate. What matters most is that you seek help when it’s needed. If you are under the age of 35 and have been trying to conceive for a year, but have been unsuccessful or have been having miscarriages, you need to see your doctor. If you are over the age of 35 and have been trying to conceive for six months unsuccessfully, that’s the time to get help.