The Four Biggest Reasons Not to Delay Fertility Treatments

Posted: 1/9/2020 by Coastal Fertility Specialists

Many couples who decide to start a family are shocked when they aren’t able to get pregnant right away, but the truth is this is a very common problem in the US. In fact, one in eight couples struggle with infertility. So what can be done about it? Below are the most important reasons not to delay getting fertility help.

  1. Age isn’t just a number.

Many people don’t realize, when it comes to fertility, age plays a role for both women and men. A woman’s fertility starts to decline around age 35 and while the impact on male fertility is less pronounced, declines can be seen starting at age 40 when sperm quality decreases.

For couples, infertility is defined as being unable to conceive after a year of trying – unless the woman is 35 or older. In those cases, couples should seek treatment after six months of trying without success. For couples where the woman is 40 or over, help should be sought once the couple decides to start a family. In these cases, the quality and quantity of the woman’s eggs may have declined significantly, making it difficult to conceive without fertility treatments.

  1. The sooner you act the more money you could save.

Doctors may recommend older women start with more invasive procedures like IVF to increase chances of conception. However, younger women who seek fertility help sooner may be able to decrease their costs. These women are more likely to have better quality eggs, and therefore tend to be successful with less invasive methods like fertility medications or intrauterine insemination (IUI). Not only are these treatments less invasive – they are also significantly less expensive than more involved procedures.

  1. Your overall health is important.

When couples begin treatment, initial tests are conducted that can give them a wealth of information about their general health. For many, their infertility is caused by an underlying health issue they weren’t aware of. These issues can include: blocked fallopian tubes, vitamin D deficiency, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or thyroid disease. Learning about an underlying condition is the first step to treating it and taking charge of your health and your fertility.

  1. Not ready to start a family yet? Consider preserving your fertility for the future.

For those looking to delay parenthood, time is still of the essence! Women can now preserve their future fertility through egg freezing, enabling them to build a family when the time is right. However, women considering this option should move forward as soon as possible to increase their chances of success. As previously mentioned, egg quality and quantity decline as women age, therefore those who freeze their eggs earlier have the best chance of conceiving in the future.

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