Why a Hysterosalpingogram?

Posted: 12/1/2014 by Coastal Fertility Specialists

Once reported by patients to be a painful test, new techniques have made the HSG far less uncomfortable. Here’s how it works, a small catheter is placed at the cervix and dye is slowly injected while images are taken with an x-ray machine. The flow of dye through the uterus and out of the tubes is studied and recorded on x-ray film. At Coastal Fertility, results are immediate and your doctor will have a full report within the hour.  Additionally, there is good news for patients who have never been diagnosed with a specific cause of infertility. Studies have shown that the chance of conception appears to increase for several cycles after an HSG has been performed.

The HSG can be performed at Coastal Fertility’s state-of-the-art facility and costs about half as much as those performed at a hospital. Ask your doctor about having your HSG done at CFS and overseen by experienced physicians and technicians who have performed thousands of these tests.