Preconception Genetic Screening

If you are unable to view this video it is likely due to your internet download speed. If you continue to have problems we will be happy to mail you a CD of the video or you can watch it at our Mount Pleasant, Columbia or Myrtle Beach offices.

After watching the Preconception Genetic Disease Screening video, the next step is to determine if you want to move forward with screening. If you are interested, please download the Coastal Fertility Specialists Genetic Screening information sheet which explains the recommend testing and the costs. This step can be skipped if you are not interested in testing.

The last step must be completed by every patient before starting treatment. Please download the Coastal Fertility Specialists Genetic Screening Consent, sign it and hand deliver, mail or fax (843-628-5880) it to your nurse coordinator so we can move forward with your medical care.

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These documents are all in an Adobe PDF format. If you have difficulty downloading the patient information sheet or consent forms please visit the Adobe website to download the Adobe Reader program specific for your operating system.