Second Opinion Consult

Free Consult at Coastal Fertility Specialists!

Have you seen a Reproductive Endocrinologist in the past? Are you unsure about their recommendations for your evaluation or treatment? Do you feel like you are not getting the level of care you deserve? If so you owe it to yourself to get a qualified second opinion and Coastal Fertility Specialists is here for you with our national award winning level of care!

Dr. SchnorrDr. Slowey, Dr. Cook and Dr. McLaughlin are proud to offer a free second opinion consult for any patient who has seen a reproductive endocrinologist in the past and would like a second opinion. Our physicians will spend time with you reviewing your history, testing and treatment to help you better understand the causes of your infertility and your treatment options. Your physician consult will then be followed by a nursing consult and a financial consult. Your consult can be in any of our five offices. There are absolutely no obligations or strings attached.

To schedule the free second opinion consult:

  1. Contact our New Patient Coordinators to schedule the consult.
  2. Let our new patient coordinators know you would like a free second opinion consult.
  3. Complete records are important for a successful appointment and are required for review for a free second opinion. We do not want to duplicate testing unless they are outdated or feel they are inaccurate.  Download the medical records release form and send it to your physician to request a copy of your medical records. It typically takes 2 weeks for a physician’s office to send the medical records.
  4. Please bring any medical records you have with you to the consult.

We look forward to seeing you soon!