Courtney Floyd

New Patient Coordinator

Courtney is a native Charlestonian and has been a New Patient Coordinator at Coastal since the summer of 2019. Having been in the medical field for several years now, Courtney is passionate about putting patients at ease during their journey and is especially sensitive to her clients’ time, emotional energy and financial commitments throughout the treatment process. She’s proud to work at Coastal “not only because of their reputation for providing exceptional patient-centered care but also because helping individuals accomplish their goals of conceiving outside of traditional means is fascinating with the advancements made throughout recent years.” She likes to give patients confidence by helping them feel like they aren’t alone in their journey and that Coastal has a proven record of successful conceptions.

She graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in Biology and enjoys Charleston’s food scene and beaches. In her spare time she does yoga and spends time with her Manchester Terrier mix, Kiwi.