How to Become an Egg Donor

We are seeking egg donors in Charleston, SC!

We are currently recruiting anonymous egg donors for our program. In addition to the personal gratification of helping others build their families, we compensate donors $5000-$6000 per cycle for your time commitment. You may choose to be an egg donor for a variety of reasons, including donating your eggs for a friend or family member.

To start the application process simply complete our online egg donor application by clicking the green box below. Please know that our criteria for egg donation include the following:

  • You must be a healthy, nonsmoking woman between the ages of 20-28.
  • All procedures will be done locally.
  • Compensation for your time is $5000-$6000.
  • Your donation could start as early as next month.

Become an egg donor

Learn About the Easy 5-Step Egg Donation Process:

Step One: Screening and Testing
First, an extensive medical, family and genetic history is taken from potential donors. The donor completes an extensive questionnaire, which is used for screening purposes. Once this is accepted, you will be invited for an interview. During this informational session, our Donor Egg Coordinator will ask questions to complete the information gathering process and will explain what is expected of participants in our program. After this, you will be scheduled to have an extensive physical examination performed.

Step Two: Ultrasound and Counseling
The second part of our screening process involves evaluating a potential donor’s ovaries. This is done by looking at blood hormone levels and a transvaginal ultrasound scan to evaluate ovarian function. Following this, you will be scheduled to meet with a psychological counselor and the genetic counselor.

Step Three: Matching
Once appropriately screened, your profile will be added to our list of available donors. Physical characteristics, such as hair and eye color, height, weight, build, complexion and race are used for matching. The recipient couple will discuss the characteristics they are interested in and the coordinator will assist them with their choice.

Step Four: Cycle Coordination
Once we are ready to start your donation cycle, we will work with you in setting up the dates of the appointments for your blood work and ultrasounds. We will do our best to accommodate your personal schedule. This is why giving your complete schedule including vacations is very important in coordinating a plan for the egg retrieval.

Step Five: Egg Recovery
On the day of egg retrieval you will be asked to arrive 30 minutes prior to the time of your procedure. You will have a brief consultation with the nurse anesthetist before the procedure to go over your sedation. The eggs are recovered using an ultrasound probe that is placed in the vagina (as used during all other visits). After you are asleep, a needle is used to remove the eggs. You can expect to be at our office for approximately two and a half to three (2 ½ to 3) hours. You must have someone pick you up and drive you home after the procedure is completed. We advise that you go home and rest for the remainder of the day.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Please visit our FAQ section about egg donation if you want more information or have questions.

Apply now. Become an egg donor in South Carolina.

There are two convenient ways to start the process of becoming an egg donor.

  1. Call (843) 606-6555
  2. Fill out the online application form. Our Donor Egg Coordinators will contact you during the next business day to answer any questions you have and complete the application appointment process.

Refer-a-Friend Program

We like to thank our donors and believe that they are our best referrals. Refer a friend and receive $500 upon completion of her egg donation cycle.