Egg Donor | Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become an egg donor?

It will take about one month of your time to complete an egg donor cycle. This includes lab work, ultrasounds, injections, egg retrieval and post-op visit. Most appointments will take no longer than 30 minutes. Learn more about the egg donor process step by step.

I attend school/work – can I still be a donor?

We can normally accommodate students and working women by arranging our appointments around their schedules. Contact us to see if we can work with your schedule.

Will there be any cost to me?

All costs for your evaluation and treatment are covered. There is no out of pocket expense to you.

Is the egg donor process painful?

The donor program includes venipuncture for lab work and injections of fertility drugs, both not normally considered painful by our donors. The final egg retrieval is performed under sedation.

Can I exercise if I am an egg donor?

You can exercise if you are an egg donor. During the last week of the cycle it is recommended that you do not do any strenuous activities such as running or high impact aerobics due to stimulation of the ovaries.

Why should I become an egg donor at Coastal Fertility Specialists?

Coastal Fertility Specialists has been treating infertility patients for many years and offers an experienced staff of 30 employees. Most treatment is provided at one location, removing the need for donors to travel out of state as required in some programs. This means less time and hassle required of you. We work closely with our donors, adapting our program to their schedules. Compensation is equal to other programs in the area.

When will I be compensated?

Donors receive their check in compensation for their time and effort on the day of egg retrieval.

Are you ready? Apply to become an egg donor today:

There are two convenient ways to start the process of becoming an egg donor.

  1. Simply call 843-606-6555
  2. By filling out the online application form our Donor Egg Coordinators will contact you during the next business day to answer any questions you have and complete the application appointment process.