Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Update May 11, 2021


COVID-19 diagnosis rates  fortunately have dropped precipitously across SC and the nation due in large part to the development and availability to safe, effective vaccines. Real world data from Israel after vaccinating 6.5 million people (70%) of their population demonstrated the Pfizer vaccine 96.7% effective at preventing COVID deaths and 97.5% effective against serious illness, and 95.3% effective in preventing infection, according to study published in prestigious medical journal The Lancet (May 5, 2021).

Updates Mask Guidelines at Coastal Fertility:

Given that the vaccine trials have proven the efficacy of the COVID vaccine in decreasing transmission and infection along with the ubiquitous availability of the vaccine in America the following guidelines have been put in place:

  1. Vaccinated patients and employees are not required to wear a mask.
  2. Non-vaccinated patients and employees are encouraged to wear masks when within 6 feet of another person in order to protect themselves and those around them.
  3. Any patient or employee who would prefer to wear a mask regardless of their vaccination status is encouraged to do so.
  4. Patients who would prefer their CFS team members to wear a mask when in close proximity should feel free to express this to our staff. We are happy to put on a mask by request.

Is the Vaccine Safe?

We are strong supporters of COVID vaccination as each of the vaccines have now been studied in over 30 million patients with over 94% efficacy and only short term side effects of fatigue and headache in 2% of the volunteers. The rigor of COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials with regards to monitoring safety and efficacy meet the same high standards and requirements as with a typical vaccine approval process.

We closely follow the CDC and American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) recommendations. These guidelines recommend:

  1. Non pregnant patients: Vaccination is strongly recommended to anyone who is not pregnant. You do not need to delay pregnancy after receiving vaccination. Vaccination is a two dose process and if you conceive between the two doses it’s recommended you get the second dose.
  2. Pregnant patients: Studying pregnant patients would have slowed down the vaccine trials and therefore pregnant patients were not included in the initial studies. Pregnant patients are now being studied with results likely in the late spring of 2021. Based on the vaccination mRNA technology, experts don’t think the vaccine poses risk to a pregnancy. The national ACOG guidelines recommend the vaccine is offered to all pregnant patients.

During this entire pandemic we have been able to continue patient care without interruption by social distancing and face masks. Through evidence based proactive measure taken at Coastal Fertility we have not had any patient or staff member become infected with COVID from care at our offices.

Your comfort is important to us. If you would like a vaccinated staff member to wear a mask when you are in the office we would be happy to do so.