Hanle Family

My husband and I highly recommend this practice and set of doctors. Our life is complete and blessed with a little one because of their knowledge, dedication and compassion. From the very first consult visit I knew I was in the right place for my dream to come true. Dr. Schnorr was very knowledgeable and ran the necessary test to figure out which exact fertility issue we had. Then came the list of options. He did not lead us in any one certain direction. He gave his medical option and let us choose. We chose IVF. Through the whole process, from billing, to injection training to my very last blood test they knew my dream and it became theirs as well. The IVF nurse Cherub was amazing. She walked us step by step through the medicine needed and when we needed to take it. She was always just an email or phone call away. I suffered a few set backs during retrieval and my eggs had to be frozen but the doctor and nursing staff called and checked on me often to see how I was physically AND emotionally knowing my dream was put on hold temporarily. The expectations for both parties were laid out clean and concise and we knew what was going to happen before each visit took place. Thank you for bringing my baby girl, Wren, into our world!!!

Sara Hanle
Columbia, South Carolina