Hughes Family

We really appreciate the service and our doctor and nurse for their outstanding care, professionalism, compassion and SUCCESS they have given us during our time with Coastal Fertility. I have never been more pleased with any care I have ever received. I am a nurse and realize it can be tough in the medical field. However, Dr. Schnorr and nurse Andrea were the best and I have recommended them to 4 more couples. You guys are second to none. Thanks to you we now have a complete family of 5. We adopted a baby at birth during this whole infertility deal but kept the faith and the perseverance we needed to make this happen. When Ian was 4 we tried one last time with IVF. Hallelujah they both took and now we have a house full of boys! What an adventure this was. We wouldn’t trade it for the world. What a testimony we have to share with others! Thanks again and may God bless your practice and keep up the great work you guys do. We love you all.

Russell and Amy Hughes