Fresh Donor Eggs

Fresh egg donation is the traditional way egg donation has been performed around the world over the last 25 years. The advantages of fresh egg donation include couples typically getting more eggs, higher pregnancy, higher live birth rates and higher numbers of excess embryos for cryopreservation compared to frozen egg donation. The disadvantages of fresh egg donation are that it typically takes 6 weeks longer than frozen egg donation and there are typically less donors available for donation.

Coastal Fertility Specialists is well recognized in the field of egg donation as we are the organizers and hosts of The Donor Egg Meeting which is an annual conference in Charleston, South Carolina where leading specialists from all over the world have been attending. Because of that we have the luxury of having at any one time approximately thirty fresh egg donors to choose from. An additional advantage of our program is the cost of a fresh split cycle (described below) is similar to that of a frozen egg cycle.

Most egg donation programs “push” frozen egg donation over fresh egg donation because either they don’t have a fresh egg donation program or don’t have available donors. Because we have both fresh and frozen egg donations programs, we offer what is best for you; choice. If after weighing the advantages and disadvantages you decide fresh egg donation is your preference then please reference the outline of fresh egg donation cycles below. If you are interested in frozen egg donation at Coastal Fertility Specialists click the link below for more information on our frozen egg program.

Frozen Donor Eggs

There are a variety of cycle types for fresh egg donation:

Single Cycles: Maximized pregnancy rates by giving all of the eggs from the donor are available to you for fertilization and eventual conception. This cycle maximizes the pregnancy rates and typically results in additional embryos for cryopreservation. About half of patients undergoing single cycles have additional embryos available for cryopreservation.

Split Donor Cycles: A way to provide high pregnancy rates and minimize cost. Performed through an agreement in advance that you will obtain half of the mature eggs from an egg donor. The concept is to share the expense of a donor cycle with another recipient couple. The primary couple is matched with a donor and then the Donor Coordinator will find a candidate for the secondary recipient position. A potential risk of a split cycle is the donor may not produce sufficient eggs to split between two recipients. In this case the secondary recipient may be dropped from the cycle. This recipient will assume a position of priority in a future cycle. About a third of patients undergoing split cycles have additional embryos to cryopreserve.

Egg Donation Through Oocyte Cryopreservation: Clearly the future of egg donation allowing for lower cost, wider donor selection and quicker treatment cycles. Currently pregnancy rates are slightly lower than fresh donation cycles. We are proud to offer Egg Donation with oocyte cryopreservation through Donor Egg Bank USA.

If you have any questions regarding the total cost, please contact us at 843-883-5800.