IntegraMed Benefits

The IntegraMed Fertility Difference

We are proud to be a partner practice of IntegraMed Fertility®, which provides Coastal Fertility Specialists the ability to offer unique IVF programs, called the Attain® IVF Programs, that help lower the cost of fertility treatment and provide a money-back option in the event treatment is unsuccessful. Only select fertility clinics throughout the United States are invited to offer their programs. Coastal Fertility Specialists is the sole provider of Attain IVF Programs in the South Carolina region, including Charleston, Myrtle Beach and Columbia, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia, and are available for most women using their own eggs or donor eggs.

  1. The Attain® IVF Program  provides variety of IVF programs that allows patients to save up to 40% off their treatment program – that’s as much as an $18,000 savings. As long as IVF is your recommended treatment, there’s an Attain IVF program that’s right for you. The Attain IVF Refund Program offers up to a 100% refund if you don’t give birth to a baby from your treatment. We think that is the ultimate form of success from infertility treatment!
  2. Health Credit Services and Lending Club Patient Solutions  offer exclusively low financing rates to patients working with an IntegraMed practice.

A Patient’s Experience with Attain

IntegraMed Fertility also provides important infrastructure to Coastal Fertility Specialists that enhances the quality of care we provide by allowing us to continuously monitor a variety of quality of care measures, partner with other high quality infertility programs around the nation, an electronic medical record designed specifically for reproductive endocrinology and electronic prescribing.