Coastal Fertility Shared Risk Program FAQ

What Else do the Programs Include?

The Coastal Fertility Shared Risk programs typically cover IVF and FET in-cycle services, (meaning when stim medications are started), monitoring office visits for in-cycle blood tests, ultrasounds, egg retrieval, fertilization and embryo transfers.

The programs do not cover IVF pre-screening tests and medications. Storage of excess embryos, assisted hatching and anesthesia are not typically covered, as well.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Offer This Program? 

To offer such a program, a fertility center must maintain higher than average IVF delivery rates. In fact, Coastal Fertility Specialists has such high pregnancy rates that we are one of the few centers than can offer a 100% refund in the IVF program.

The unique, non-traditional nature of the Coastal Fertility Shared Risk IVF Program represents a dramatic change from the typical fee for service payment. The concept of a “shared risk for IVF” was carefully reviewed and analyzed by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). They stated that with appropriate checks and balances this type of program can be ethically pursued and provide great benefit to patients. The feedback we have received from patients over the last ten years reinforces our strong belief in the ethical nature of this program. We offer the Coastal Fertility IVF Program as an alternative financial option but do not try to persuade couples to participate. We advise everyone considering this option to weigh the benefits of this program vs. the traditional fee for service.

Financing Options

Worried about how you can pay for your fertility treatments? Coastal Fertility Specialists is pleased to provide access to financing through both Ally Lending and Lending Club Patient Solutions, who offer convenient, low-interest and flexible financing programs for all types of treatment, including our Shared Risk IVF Programs. Coastal Fertility Specialists patients are eligible for exclusive Ally Lending and Lending Club financing packages with interest rates as low as 4.99% APR.

Through Ally Lending and Lending Club, your Coastal Fertility Shared Risk IVF Program and other infertility treatment expenses can be paid for over a period of 18 to 84 months, at low fixed rates.

A Patient’s Point of View

“The Coastal Fertility Shared Risk IVF Program gave us peace of mind while we were going through IVF because the costs were fixed-no surprises. Once pregnant, we were comforted knowing that if anything happened to the pregnancy, we could try IVF again or adopt.”

Questions & Considerations 

Our goal in offering the Coastal Fertility Shared Risk IVF Program is to help infertile couples create or expand their family, with less financial anxiety, when insurance benefits aren’t available to help defray the costs.

Does the Program Guarantee a Successful Outcome? 

This program does not guarantee a successful outcome. As is clearly stated in our written and verbal communication, we don’t expect nor do we guarantee every couple will take home a baby. However, the Shared Risk IVF Program does guarantee that the cost of an IVF cycle will be limited if the treatment is unsuccessful.

Why Does the Program Have Age and Other Limitations? 

The delivery rate in the Shared Risk IVF Program must be maintained at or above 40% per cycle for this program to be financially feasible for us to “share the risk.” Therefore Refund Program participants must be able to complete three IVF cycles by their 38th birthday. However, patients using donor eggs are eligible for the program even if older than 39. The age limit was not set to “skew” the outcomes in our favor but rather works to maintain the delivery rate that allows us to offer the Shared Risk IVF Program to eligible couples who have no insurance benefits for IVF. For IVF patients who don’t qualify for the Refund Program, they have the Multi-Cycle Program option, which provides about a 30% savings.

What Percent of Patients “Take Home a Baby” in the Refund Program?

92% of patients who complete the 3 cycle IVF Refund Program take home a baby. The chance of taking home a baby if you complete the 2 cycle IVF Refund Program is 80%. Persistence matters.

How Many Patients Actually Qualify for the Refund Program?

Over the last 10 years approximately 80% of couples who applied have met the eligibility criteria for the Shared Risk IVF Refund Program.

Are Different Therapies Used for Attain IVF Enrollees?

The therapies used for patients are the same whether you are in the Shared Risk IVF Program or not. Typically, the Shared Risk IVF Program is only discussed after IVF or donor egg treatment is chosen as the medically appropriate therapy.

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