Semen Analysis | Male Infertility Testing

sperm in semen

Did you know that male fertility problems contribute to almost half of all cases of infertility? Due to this high number, it is very important that a semen analysis is conducted when a couple experiences fertility problems along their journey to conceive.

Semen analysis is a crucial step in the infertility testing process. A basic semen analysis is performed by counting the total number of sperm and number of mobile sperm present per ejaculate. It is also helpful to carefully evaluate the shape of the sperm – often referred to as morphology. A normal semen analysis contains greater than 20 million sperm per milliliter, greater than 50% motility and greater than 4% normal morphology.

Male Infertility Treatment

If abnormalities are detected in the semen analysis, further sperm testing may be necessary to determine the sperm’s capacity to fertilize an egg. If the semen analysis is abnormal and further testing demonstrates the inability of sperm to fertilize an egg, assisted reproductive technologies are available which can help with fertilization, resulting in a successful pregnancy.