Donor Egg Treatment

Coastal Fertility Specialists has developed a well recognized and regarded fresh and frozen egg donation programs giving you the best of both worlds; choice!

Egg donation has become an integral part in the management of infertility for those women who were previously considered to be unable to conceive. Coastal Fertility Specialists performs all types of egg donation including:

Egg donation is typically performed for couples with infertility from decreased egg number or decreased egg quality. Additional indications can include repeat IVF failure and female chromosomal abnormalities. Coastal Fertility Specialists is recognized as a leader in Donor Egg Technologies as we are the organizers and hosts of The Donor Egg Meeting which is an annual conference in Charleston, South Carolina where leading specialists from all over the world have been attending. For more information please check out The Donor Egg Meeting website at

We have a large fresh and frozen donor egg program that combines the latest ovarian stimulation and endometrial preparation protocols with blastocyst culture and transfer techniques to maximize pregnancy rates and minimize multiple pregnancies. Our focus is to provide the highest quality egg donors and we do that through an extensive screening process that utilizes our multiple satellite offices to enhance donor recruitment and selection. Donor screening includes ovarian reserve testing, drug testing, genetic screening, and psychological screening. At Coastal Fertility Specialists about 1 – 2% of all initial donor applications are ultimately selected for egg donation.

The thought of using donor eggs can be emotionally challenging with multiple questions that arise. We thought this video provided a good perspective from the offspring’s point of view:

A variety of options are available when using donor eggs. They include:

Single Fresh Cycles: All of the egg from the donor are available to you for fertilization and eventual conception. This cycle maximizes the pregnancy rates and typically results in additional embryos for cryopreservation.

Split Donor Fresh Cycles: Agreement in advance that you will obtain half of the mature eggs from an egg donor. Donor costs are shared thereby lower costs by utilizing split cycles.

Egg Donation through oocyte cryopreservation: Clearly the future of egg donation allowing for lower cost, wider donor selection and quicker treatment cycles. Coastal Fertility Specialists is a founding partner of  Donor Egg Bank USA and therefore we have been able to cryopreserve large numbers of eggs helping us to refine the technically challenging process of egg freezing. Through our partnership we not only contribute donor eggs to the donor egg bank but are also able to obtain eggs from around the United Stated to enhance donor selection. At any one time there are typically 100 donors available for egg selection.

Split Donor Cycles

This is offered as an option for all patients when financial issues are involved. The concept is to share the expense of a donor cycle with another recipient couple. The primary couple is matched with a donor and then the Donor Coordinator will find a candidate for the secondary recipient position.
A potential risk of a split cycle is the donor may not produce sufficient eggs to split between two recipients. In this case the secondary recipient may be dropped from the cycle. This recipient will assume a position of priority in a future cycle. If you have any questions regarding the total cost, please contact us.

Known Donor and Surrogacy

All recipients, surrogates and known donors are required to see an independent counselor before they begin treatment at Coastal Fertility Specialists.

Overview of Using Donor Eggs