IVF Financing Options

Here at Coastal Fertility Specialists we define success as taking home a baby! For those reasons we offer you a number of financial options to help you pay for infertility treatment and to help you get pregnant.

The following links explain all about our payment and financing options. If you have further questions about how you can afford treatment, please contact our office.

If you are looking into vitro fertilization (IVF) we encourage you to read more about the Coastal Fertility Shared Risk Program. Our Shared Risk options include a successful pregnancy and live birth or a money back guarantee!

We provide you with a number of resources to help you more easily pay for your infertility treatment as outlined below.

Financial Counseling
Payment Options
Fertility Drug Savings

Get started with financial counseling
One of the biggest worries we hear is “How will I pay for my fertility treatments?” The good news is that many couples have infertility benefits that cover the initial consultation and diagnostic testing and may also have coverage for fertility treatment. The news is especially good for South Carolina state employees who typically have coverage for all forms of infertility evaluation and treatment.

We recognize that understanding insurance benefits can be challenging, which is why at Coastal Fertility Specialists we have invested substantial resources in making the financial/insurance process as seamless as possible  for you.

You will be introduced to your financial counselor during your new patient visit to be sure you have one point of contact for all of your insurance questions or financial concerns. We will investigate your benefits so that you know what is covered before any testing or treatment is initiated. The counselor will help you navigate your insurance benefits and provide you with alternate financial options should you need them.

Identify ways to pay for treatment

  1. We accept several different insurance companies and recommend that you call one of our new patient coordinators to see if we accept your insurance. Since infertility may or may not be covered by your insurance company we also recommend that you contact your insurance company so you can fully understand your benefits and can make informed decisions regarding your treatment plan. We have put together some benefit verification guidelines that will help you through the process of working with your insurance company.
  2. For patients without insurance benefits for treatment, we offer a variety of options. Our finance department is always available to answer insurance questions and provide financing options.
  3. When insurance benefits aren’t available we offer programs to lessen the financial anxiety. One of those programs is the Coastal Fertility Shared Risk Program that offers:
    • Multiple cycles at a cash discount
    • A 6 cycle refund program with a  100% guaranteed refund if treatment is unsuccessful for IVF. Through this program 92% of patients “take home a baby”.
    • A 4 cycle refund program with a  50% guaranteed refund if treatment is unsuccessful for IVF. Through this program 80% of patients “take home a baby.”
    • A 100% guaranteed refund if treatment is unsuccessful for Donor Egg
  4. We are also proud to provide access to financing through Ally Lending and Lending Club Patient Solutions, who offers convenient, low-interest and flexible financing programs for all types of treatment, including the Shared Risk Program. Coastal Fertility Specialists patients are eligible for an exclusive Lending Club financing package with interest rates as low as 4.99% APR.

Paying for fertility medications
Medications can be one of the most expensive parts of infertility treatment and we want to help you with your medication purchase. We have several options to assist you in getting your medications without compromising care.

The first option is our association with DesignRx which offers many advantages to purchasing medications through their mail order pharmacy program. They provide excellent customer service with “online” pricing.

The second option is both Merck and EMD Serono have compassionate care medication programs for those patients undergoing IVF and Donor Egg treatment. Their programs are based upon your income and degree of insurance coverage. Those patients with lower household incomes without insurance have a good chance of receiving donated medications. Please download their applications and apply if you are interested. We recommend you apply to both. There is no charge to apply.