Williams Family

Finally pregnant from the 8th IVF cycle!!!

IVF became our miracle in 2008 as we found out that conceiving naturally would not be possible. With extreme hope we pressed on through failure after failure of IVF cycles. It wasn’t until after the sixth failure that it became clear that something needed to change. Fortunately we found ourselves relocating to Charleston for my husbands job and it wasn’t very long before we were recommended and found Dr. Slowey at Coastal Fertility Specialists. After looking over my records, Dr. Slowey immediately recognized other protocols that should have been discussed during any of the past failed attempts. Our first attempt with Dr. Slowey’s protocols had the same results as the others, however this attempt provided direction for the following successful cycle. As skeptical as one could have been after seven failed attempts we pressed on with the eighth cycle and to this day I still cannot believe that it finally worked. Now, I am 38 weeks pregnant with a baby boy, and could not be more proud of and thankful for Dr. Slowey and his wonderful staff at Coastal Fertility Specialists.

Brianna and Trevor Williams
North Charleston, SC