Donor Egg Treatment Virtual Tour: Step 1

Infertility Evaluation and Donor Selection

At Coastal Fertility Specialists the first step in the use of donor eggs is a complete infertility evaluation. We want to make sure that the uterus will be a good home to the embryos and that there is enough sperm to fertilize the embryos. The evaluation typically includes a semen analysis, hysterosalpingogram and an ultrasound. We then proceed forward through the required testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Once this is complete you will have a trial transfer performed which is a way to measure the size of your uterus and determine the best embryo path for the embryo transfer.

During the testing process we also grant you access to our web site that contains all of our available donors. This web site contains all of the detailed information you would want to know about the donor including their completed application, genetics screening and psychological evaluation. Through this web site you can then select your donor.

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