Donor Egg Treatment Virtual Tour: Step 2

Cycle Coordination and Donor Stimulation

At Coastal Fertility Specialists the second step in the use of donor eggs is the coordination of the cycle. This process consists of matching up the menstrual cycles between you and the donor. This typically involves the use of birth control pills and Lupron. This process typically take one month and you will be provided with a cycle calendar to help you estimate the date of egg retrieval and embryo transfer.

Our physicians evaluate the egg donor and through that process select the proper ovarian stimulation which is critical as too much or too little medications can often have a detrimental impact on egg quality.

Ovarian stimulations typically start with ovarian suppression through the use of birth control pills and/or Lupron. Once ovarian suppression is achieved we then start an ovarian stimulation with recombinant FSH. The stimulation is monitored through ultrasounds performed every three to four days along with blood hormone measurements including estradiol and progesterone. Once the majority of the follicles (pockets of fluid which typically contain eggs) are in the 16 to 20mm size ovulation is triggered with HCG and the egg retrieval is performed 35 to 38 hours later.

Simultaneously we work to prepare your uterus for embryo. That is typically done through the use of birth control pills, Lupron, oral estrogen and injections of progesterone.

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