How to Keep Your Fertility Treatments on Track When Traveling for the Holidays

Posted: 11/21/2019 by Coastal Fertility Specialists

The holidays are here and many of you will be traveling during a cycle in which case, planning is key. It’s important to check with your nurse if you are going to need monitoring, additional medications or your trigger shot during your trip. All of these things can be arranged as long as you plan ahead before you leave.

If you’re flying, make sure to check with your airline regarding how to deal with syringes, needles, and medication that needs to be refrigerated. They can also let you know what packing materials are allowed to keep medications cold and what prescription information you’ll need to bring.

Things to consult with your care team about before you depart:

  • Any extra medication
  • Additional authorization from your insurance company if needed.
  • Schedule monitoring
  • Call the airline
  • Packing instructions
  • Syringe and needle protocol
  • Traveling with liquid medication

Packing Tips:

When packing you bags, make sure to keep your medicines in your carry-on bag in case your luggage gets lost. Additionally, remember to pack medical materials such as gauze and alcohol wipes, as well as the emergency contact information for your clinic and pharmacy.

  • Remember your gauze and alcohol wipes.
  • Keep meds in your carry-on bag.
  • Emergency contact info for your pharmacy and clinic
  • Contact your fertility team

Before going on any trip, make sure to meet with your team of fertility specialists to pencil out a game plan including what medications you’ll need, if you’ll require prior authorizations, and  detailed information on how to pack medications that will need to be refrigerated.

Your care team can also connect you with local providers who would be able to accommodate monitoring while you are out of town. To speak to your team at Coastal Fertility Specialists call 843-883-5800.