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Choosing an IVF Clinic

Choosing the right In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) clinic in South Carolina is of paramount importance to patients with infertility. You would do research when buying a new car, right? Well, it can be very easy to compare one make of an automobile with another by reading several consumer reports. You could easily compare multiple parameters amongst the different manufacturers, possibly coming to a reasonable conclusion before you even drive the car. The evaluation of an IVF program is far more difficult.

Unfortunately, few standards exist to compare IVF programs side by side – like you might when buying a car. National reporting of clinic-specific pregnancy rates has led consumers to use these numbers to assess quality. But is this reasonable?

National IVF Success Rates

You must think critically when looking at IVF success rates around the nation. High pregnancy rates per cycle come at a price. Some clinics may:

  • Exclude less than ideal candidates
  • Accept higher order multiple pregnancies by transferring more embryos
  • Have excessive numbers of cases of ovarian hyperstimulation
  • Recommend IVF to patients who would otherwise conceive with simpler approaches

The above list may inflate IVF success rates for such clinics. Fertility clinics vying for the highest pregnancy rates are under pressure to exclude patients who have a less than ideal prognosis with IVF. This would include patients over 35 years of age, those with FSH levels greater than 9, AMH levels less than 1.0, patients who smoke, patients with only one ovary, and patients with severe male factor infertility. Centers who also seek the highest pregnancy rates regardless of the consequences have a tendency to transfer a larger number of embryos and, accordingly, accept higher order multiple pregnancies. To an infertile couple this may seem acceptable; however, multiple pregnancies result in a higher risk of both maternal and fetal complications. Multiple births born to women at any age are high risk births, with twins being four times, triplets ten times and quadruplets 13 times more likely than singletons to die within the first month of life.

IVF in Charleston and the Surrounding Areas

Our Charleston IVF program here at Coastal Fertility Specialists is based upon the latest ovarian stimulation protocols using a combination of both recombinant gonadotropins and human menopausal gonadotropins to optimize both egg and endometrial development. The ovarian stimulation protocols are individualized based upon patient age, FSH level, prior IVF history, and a variety of other factors. Our embryology lab uses the latest sequential media with incubation in low oxygen tensions to enhance blastocyst formation and pregnancy rates.To minimize the number of embryos transferred and maximize pregnancy rates we commonly perform embryo transfers on the fifth day after egg retrieval, which is referred to as the blastocyst stage. This stage of embryo growth allows us to select those embryos with the best morphological features, thus allowing us to transfer only the embryos that would result in the highest pregnancy rates. By transferring a smaller number of blastocyst embryos we are able to maintain our high clinical pregnancy rates while minimizing the high order multiple pregnancies.

In a continuing effort to improve our IVF program, the physicians and staff frequently attend national and international conferences to present research and review the latest IVF techniques. We participate in both internal and external audits of our IVF program to obtain independent evaluations, second opinions and advice.

We Are Dedicated to You!

Here at Coastal Fertility Specialists, our mission is to serve infertile individuals in the Charleston area. We do this by adhering to the highest ethical standards, educating our patients about their health and recommending the most cost effective treatment. We strongly believe that any patient with a reasonable chance at pregnancy should be allowed infertility treatment. Sometimes our treatments are successful and unfortunately sometimes they are not. However, quality for us is a satisfied patient who understands their condition, the treatment options, predicted success rate and predicted cost. We want our patients to feel that the best advice was given and the treatment, if indicated, was attempted with the best possible medical supervision and service.

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